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  Anonymous: how come black peoples skin is so smooth what do you guys use


wash cloths

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  Anonymous: Did you know that black men had the right to vote before white women did?



Yes. And did you know that White women suffrage leaders demonized Black people and other PoC in order to get their right to vote?

"It is not fair that a plantation Negro who can neither read or write should be entrusted with the ballot."  -Frances E. Willard, president of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union.

"In Colorado… 6,666 men vote "Yes." Now, I am going to describe the men who voted "Yes." They were native-born men, temperance men, cultivated, broad, generous, just men, men who think. On the other hand, 16,007 voted "No." Now, I am going to describe that class of voters. In the southern part of that State are Mexicans, who speak the Spanish language… . The vast population of Colorado is made up of that class of people. I was sent out to speak in a voting precinct having 200 voters; 150 of those voters were Mexican greasers, 40 of them foreign-born citizens, and just 10 of them were born in this country; and I was supposed to be competent to convert those men to let me have so much right in this Government as they had.” -Susan B. Anthony

Go on and look up your white fem faves. They oppressed other groups in order to get up from their oppression. Stepping on the backs of PoC in order to stand up. And i’m supposed to be sympathetic to your “plight?!” Like dude, you mad at me for the patriarchy that oppressed your people and mine? Get real.

Oh! And did you know that White women were freed from slavery before Black… Oh….. wait…….

And if we’re talking about Blacks and “voting rights” did ya know that it was damn hella hard for Blacks to vote even when they got the right? Ignoring the expensive polling taxes and the rallies of Whites who threatened and attacked Blacks who attempted to vote… did you know that Blacks were disproportionately administered (among poor whites and other poc) impossible literacy tests in order to get this “vote”?

Here is a sample of this simple and easy test. 10 minutes. Get NOTHING wrong. Go go!




Times up. How was it? Easy I bet. Each question made at a total 5th grad level so I’m sure you got them all right. But oops, doesn’t matter. As I am the one correcting your test I decide if you failed or not even if you, somehow, managed to get all of these correct in the 10 minutes provided to you, Negro.

Could also go into how racist laws put up to keep predominately Black people from voting, which were outlawed to protect Black voters, are now being allowed again so they can oppress them once more…could go into all that… but that would be a longer post.

In the meantime


Part of the rhetoric white feminists used to support the 19th amendment was the idea that they’d vote in line with their white husbands thereby consolidating white supremacy. Due to the idea that Black men were barbarians and irrational and were going to ruin the country by being able to vote.

And in reality, Black people in mass couldn’t really vote till the Civil Rights Act and even today voter suppression attacks POC, but specifically African Americans. Whereas white women have never had an issue voting after the 19th amendment. So in actuality they got the vote first. And used their vote to oppress Black women and men.

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En Vogue, Grammy Awards, 1992.

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Stories that are never seen or heard of by the general population.

Jabbar Gibson is also currently serving a fifteen year bid in federal prison for cocaine possession.  i couldn’t track him down in the system, but if anybody can, it would be cool to get his mailing address out there for prisoner support reasons.

here’s Jabar’s contact info:
Jabar Gibson 29770-034
USP Pollock
U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. Box 2099
Pollock, Louisiana 71467
and here’s a guide to writing a prisoner letter for those who have never done so before

re-reblogging for contact info + support

(Oh hey, I made a thing about a topic that’s important to me.)
“PRIVILEGE is when you think that something is not a problem because it’s not a problem for you personally.”
I feel like nowadays many people who say/do racist things (not necessarily intentionally) will never willingly admit to their ignorance, even when faced with irrefutable logic and reasoning ("But I’m not hurting anyone, how is it wrong?!"). LEMME EDUCATE YOU. Chances are, if you are defending something that a PoC identifies as racist, IT IS RACIST AND YOU SHOULD STOP DOING IT. IDFC WHAT ETHNICITY/NATIONALITY YOU ARE; JUST STOP. IDFC IF IT DOESN’T FIT WHAT YOUR DEFINITION OF “RACIST” IS; JUST STOP. IDFC IF YOU THINK YOU’RE BEING “APPRECIATIVE” OF A CULTURE, IF IT’S NOT YOUR CULTURE, YOU DON’T HAVE ANY BUSINESS TELLING PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY ARE OF THAT CULTURE, HOW TO FEEL ABOUT IT. JUST. STOP. And don’t bring the “well my friend is PoC and isn’t offended” excuse — ONE PERSON DOES NOT SPEAK FOR AN ENTIRE RACE JFC
Racism isn’t ONLY displayed in acts of violence, believe it or not. This is what internalized racism looks like. And if you don’t find any of this offensive even in the slightest, well, it just goes to show how thoroughly ingrained it has become in our society to overlook acts of racism if they aren’t “horrific” enough. I suggest you stop relying on your white dictionary definition of what you think racism is, and open your eyes.


white people be like ‘stop making fun of us for not having lips and eating boring food’

POC be like ‘stop murdering us’

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Your body is a temple, not a visitor centre

And a temple with no worshippers is useless. Next.

And better a temple with no worshipers than a temple filled with devils and defilers.