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"Five hundred years of flights from captivity, into communal and conceptual wilderness, created the maroon philosophers’ natural habitat at the boundary of democracy. Such outsider terrain superficially appears as a reservation or cell; yet it is in part a trajectory into freedom. For centuries democracy was idealized through the rise of white citizenship, and portrayed as the manifestation of freedom. Black radical thought witnessed it as building democracy’s boundaries: establishing the definitional norms for democratic citizenship through racially fashioned captivity.

Afrarealism recognizes two coterminous phenomena: democracy as a boundary defining freedom through captivity, and maroon philosophy at the borders reimagining freedom through flight. Afrarealism does not equate democracy with freedom as some black philosophy does. Rather, Afrarealism’s journey moves adjacent to a democracy originating and reproducing amid racial captivity and racial rape."
Joy James, “Afrarealism and the Black Matrix: Maroon Philosophy at Democracy’s Border.” The Black Scholar, Vol. 43, No. 4; p. 124 (via so-treu)

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